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In Loving Memory of my husband Hal

Hal truly was larger than life and his sudden departure was much to soon for any of us. Hal's life was the definition of "A Life Well-Lived." he lived every moment of every day. He deeply loved his friends and his family and it is truly comforting to know that he was so well-loved by all who knew him.

Hal was everything to me. We were building a dream together and, in his honor, I will pick up the pieces and continue what we started. I want you to know that Hal left us doing what he loved. He worked with a couple horses in the morning and then went out to shoe a horse for a client that afternoon. The Lord called him home at that time of natural causes. He needed someone with the most tender, kind, loving and biggest heart he could find and it wouldn't surprise anyone to know that was Hal. Hal made me know how much I was loved. He made me smile and laugh and not a day went by that we weren't aware of how blessed we were to have each other and to live God's plan together. This was such a devastating lost for me and everyone he left behind. That hole will never be filled, but I hope you will always find Hal in the memories of the times you had together and the example that he set by the humble way he led his life. His spirit is boundless and I know we will all continue to feel his presence in our lives. 

This website is dedicated in memory of Hal. My determination is to live on in the spirit of Hal in a way that would have made him happy, and proud.


Annette "Netty" Coker


racingNational Champion Spiry 

National Champion FlamabilityAs a teacher of horsemanship, Annette brings over 40 years riding, training, showing, breeding & consulting experience to her students.

english pleasureAnnette’s passion for excellence with horses began in childhood and at the age of 10 she was showing in the youth division of the Class A Arabian Horse Circuit. Her dedication and commitment to the horse has lead her to achieve many successes in a life long career with horses so diverse one can only imagine. Annette has won multiple National Honors in several disciplines within the Arabian & Half Arabian Horse industry, including but not limited to English Pleasure, Western Pleasure & Hunter Pleasure. In the mid 1980’s she also earned her jockey’s license and raced successfully for several years.

While spending much of her early life employed by some of the largest breeding farms in the country, Annette’s eye for a good horse was developing and because of her skill for evaluating correct conformation she has also acted as consultant and buyer’s agent for many of her clients. Those responsibilities including purchasing on her clients behalf both breeding animals as well as prospective show athletes, has taken her as far away as Poland and Europe.


netty and buckDuring the mid 1990’s to 2005 Annette owned her own training & breeding facilities, and the results of her breeding program through her own personal mares still resonates in the blood of todays most successful performance horses.

In the mid 1990’s while actively participating in a competitive career breeding, training & showing horses Annette crossed paths with world renown clinician Buck Brannaman and her outlook on training and teaching was forever changed. Since that time some 20 years ago, Annette since retired from the show ring in 2005 and has been pursuing her love of Horsemanship based on the methods of legendary horsemen Tom and Bill Dorrance and Ray Hunt through the teachings of Buck Brannaman.

Annette appeared in the award winning documentary Buck. She attributes much of their shared philosophy on horses, as well as her own life experience within the multiple riding disciplines, to her success as a teacher. Her passion for developing beautiful ranch and bridle horses also enables her to teach from a stand point of experience and exposure to most any discipline or riding skill regardless of a students ability.


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