hal memorial

A Life Well Lived

10-23-1970 to 5-23-2016

Upon reflection it is apparent that no man ever owns the mountain, our presence there is but borrowed time
None of us will ever know how long we get to spend at the top as we are making the climb

To go forth with no trepidation and breath deep all that is housed in that time and space
Is a life well lived and an attribute of a man no longer in search of his purpose or place

Peace of mind and contentment of soul is the ultimate quest of all humanity, when stripped to the core
Not comparing one day against the next, for only a fool would judge a breath to be better than the one before

Although we cannot own the mountain, we can control how we spend the time we've been lent
hal strawberryRelishing each day and night, each task and toil, each trotting stride, each blade of grass, each moment spent

A mere mortal servant, living each and every single day, not as his last but as his first, full of wonder and awe
Resplendent in laughter and love, horses and cattle, big country and sky, and the entirety of everything he ever saw

No man ever owns the mountain, nor will he know the why or the when will come the end of his stay
Truly blessed are those that

Upon reflection,
Leave the mountain without having wasted even a single day.

~  Kevin Meyer